How to Keep your Campsite Animal Friendly

As the days get warmer and warmer, 2 and 4 legged creatures are getting antsy for spring! After a long Manitoba winter, they are huuuuungry! Wild Skies is nestled between a creek and the Whitemouth River, two main water sources for animals in the area which means keeping your campsite animal friendly is extra important. We’re home to foxes, coyotes, porcupines, small rodents, all types of birds, beavers and muskrats, and often see black bears passing through. It’s important that we keep the resort property free of temptations so that wild animals can stay wild.

Here’s a few tips to keep the relationship between animals and humans as harmonious as possible with an animal friendly campsite :

1. Keep your pets on leash when not in your accommodation or on your private deck.

2. Do not dump any food waste, coffee grounds, cooking oil, etc on the ground. (we provide compost buckets!) Keep your food in the provided refrigerator or hard sided cooler.

3. Clean up all garbage and recycling regularly. Don’t leave any waste scattered around your campsite at any time.

4. Wash your cooking utensils after using them so the smell doesn’t linger.

5. Do not feed any animals on the property, whether they are wild or our pets. Not only does human food not contain the correct nutrients they require, feeding animals can also create an unnatural reliance on human food.

6. Enjoy watching and listening to animals from a distance. You’ll get to see them in their natural habitat, which can be pretty amazing!