• About Us

    Hi, We’re René + Megan (and Josie)

    Our perfect day looks a little something like this :

    Wake up + watch the sun rise over the water.
    Enjoy a coffee (René) or London Fog (Megan) while reading a good book cuddled up in the hammock.
    Take Josie for a canoe ride down the river.
    Stay up way too late around the bonfire with friends.
    Stargaze as we fall asleep.
    Hope we get to do it all again tomorrow.

    Our goal is to make Wild Skies your perfect day.

things we love

  • Megan

    ♡ rompers
    ♡ cookie dough flavored everything
    ♡ food trucks
    ♡ photographing weddings
    ♡ exploring new countries
    ♡ lord of the rings
    ♡ cooking with René
    ♡ DIY-ing everything i can
    ♡ london fogs
    ♡ making our house a jungle

  • René

    ♡ bikes. all kinds. all shapes. (ask me about my unicycle)
    ♡ anything DND
    ♡ popcorn
    ♡ canoeing
    ♡ making things with my hands (wood, metal, clay – you name it)
    ♡ bouldering
    ♡ david and patrick (simply the best)
    ♡ kilter beer

  • Josie + Moose

    ♡ winning the neighbourhood pee competition
    ♡ wrestling with george the cat
    ♡ belly rubs
    ♡ sleeping in
    ♡ going anywhere my humans go
    ♡ making new friends
    ♡ car rides with the windows down